Intruder Alarm Systems

NSI Gold Approved Intruder Alarm Systems 


By using an NSI approved company you are guaranteed peace of mind, as we undergo regular inspections to ensure the highest standards.


As a Gold company encompassing ISO 9001:2015, both our current and future clients can be secure in the knowledge that we operate at the highest possible standards.


Our intruder alarm specialists will survey your site and design a bespoke system that suits your business.


Keeping homes and commercial premises safe is what we do best. Alarm Systems are essential for every home and business, why run the risk of losing expensive posessions when you could highly reduce the chances of being burgled with an alrm system.

Domestic Alarms


The equipment we install is carefully selected from a range of products supplied by leading manufacturers.

This enables us to meet your requirements for design, quality and reliability.
Your installation will be carried out to a high standard by our dedicated Security Engineers.

On completion they will demonstrate the system to ensure you are fully trained with its operation.

You will also be issued with  Certification and supporting documentation for your Alarm System.

Both wired and wireless Intruder Alarm Systems are available at competitive prices.



Commercial Alarms


As a business, you cannot afford to be without an adequate security system.

The protection of your employees, your property and your assets is a fundamental requirement.

An intruder alarm system is a base point for many businesses with regard to their security.

In managing risk, an intruder alarm system is a wide covering tool that is both preventative and responsive.

Intruder alarm systems are a preventative measure taken against break-ins. 

Intruder alarms are also a responsive measure when a break-in occurs. Movement sensors are triggered using infra-red light with alarms automatically activated, with the option of police response available also.




Police Response


As the company responsible for installing your police response  alarm we have to be accredited by a governing body such as the NSI, Secured by Design, and the relevant police force.

We obtain a unique reference number (URN) from the police for the panic alarm, which is then connected to our NSI Gold monitoring station.

Once the panic alarm is triggered by the user, the monitoring station instantly raises the alarm with the police using a special direct contact number.

The police are then immediately dispatched to the address.



24 Hour Monitoring


Our intruder alarm systems can also be linked to a 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre to ensure either a keyholder and/or police response in the event of an intruder alarm activation.

Also incorporated into your  intruder alarm system, a personal attack option is there to protect you and your staff from violence or aggression in the workplace. The alarm can be activated either at fixed positions or via compact devices carried on the person.

Staff are then secure in the knowledge that they can instantly raise an alarm or summon assistance if confronted by an intruder.

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