Access Control Systems

Specialist Access Control Solutions ​


Olympic Fire and Security's access control solutions provide total control of who goes where and when, offering total accountability for your site.

From a keypad to fingerprint readers, from microchip tags to state of the art turnstiles, Olympic Fire and Security can provide our clients with all manner of systems.

Access control and door entry systems not only provide building management control, they can be used to monitor loss prevention and also time and attendance of staff and visitors.

Our professional, building management solutions ensure safe and secure entry systems for personnel, visitors and contractors alike. Whatever your site, Olympic Fire and Security can install and maintain the correct access control product to fulfil your requirement.

Every one of our systems are scalable, enabling our clients to add additional areas to the access system without the requirement for a brand new system.

Standalone and PC-Based Access Control

Each type of access control system has two distinct versions to suit particular applications – standalone and PC-based.


Standalone systems can be installed throughout your property, on one access point or numerous access points depending on the configuration of your site or property. Nominated individuals can access via a numeric code or present a proximity token.


PC-based access control can also be provided in more complex environments whether that be a site or property. This system allows you to send commands to all access points and provide access to specific people, provide movement activity, and full management information.

Intercom and Door Entry Systems


When it comes to door entry security systems there are a number of different options to choose from. 


Depending on your requirements, different access control or door entry systems may suit you better than others. 


The main types of door entry security systems are:


  • Audio Entry Systems
  • Video Entry Systems


Video Entry Systems incorporate a miniature camera within the entrance panel housing and monitors within the premises. Visitors can be identified both audibly and visually.


Audio Entry Systems provide a speech path between the premises and the front door, allowing you to verify the identity of a caller before granting access. Access is usually achieved by triggering a lock release or similar locking mechanism by simply pushing a button located on the telephone handset.  Systems start from a simple one way telephone entry comprising of a door panel, lock release and handset and can be expanded to multiple door panel buttons and handsets.

Vehicle Barriers and Gates


Vehicle barriers and gates are perfect for controlling traffic management and come with a number of design features which can be altered to suit site operations.They are also an ideal solution for car park security and create a physical and visual deterrent.

Any vehicle barrier installed by us will be CE fitted in line with current safety regulations. The barriers can be integrated into existing on-site traffic access control systems, including vehicle tagging, card access and ANPR technology.

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